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Common Folk


From the east side of Austin, Texas, 6’3” recording artist D’jon has been described as a cross between Kanye West and T.I. In 2006 D’jon landed a track in ‘Rocky Balboa’ which cemented his position as Las Vegas’ rap king. He also has a track placed in the 2008 Disney release ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua’, and more recently he has placed music in multiple episodes of Spike TV’s ‘Blue Mountain State’ Season 3.

D’jon’s unique blend of rap saw its birth when he began writing songs at age eight. By age eleven, D’jon recorded his first home-made album on cassette using two radios and industry instrumentals. By age thirteen, D’jon gained street credibility by free-styling with the older guys in the Butler College neighborhood of Tyler, Texas.

After high school, D’jon partnered with fellow southern rapper K Roc and they began recording their own demos in a one bedroom apartment. Soon after, D’jon relocated to Sin City to further pursue his
music career.

It would not be long before the Vegas rap scene would coin D’jon one of the city’s greatest. As described in a local weekly magazine ‘The Weekly’, D’jon “seems to have a knack for encapsulating the Vegas hip-hop experience.” A track off of his first album, Versitile, by the name of ‘Clap Wit Me’ found its way to Las Vegas’ hip hop station 98.5 KLUC in a weekly MC battle. ‘Clap Wit Me’ won each week for eight weeks until it was retired by the station, and it also caught the ear of Grammy writer-producer Tommy Marolda (Nate Dogg, Kurupt, Bon Jovi, Cher) as well as entertainment attorney Robert Reynolds (The Killers, Louis XIV). Since then D’jon has recorded two albums with Tommy Marolda, 4 self produced albums, one Duce Boy group effort along with a Duce Family mixtape. He has also been interviewed on 98.5 in Las Vegas on two occasions, local radio in Portland, Oregon, and has made numerous appearances on the What’s Hot Radio Show out of Burbank, California.

After starting Duce Family Entertainment, LLC with partner K Roc and New York rapper Mug Shot, the trio released the Duce Boys debut album, ‘From the Ghetto to the Grammy’s’, on March 14th, 2006. D’jon is currently in the beginning stages of starting JMC Music Group and Seleb Game Records. He has also become a very coveted
Producer in his own right. Several Las Vegas and New York musicians have courted “Mr. Jon” for his production work. D’jon has finalized 6 solo albums including ‘Tha Underdawg’ which was released Feb. 20th, 2007, the follow up album titled “401k” with the Track Kingz, and his latest release ‘Common Folk’ now available for digital download.